Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Essentials

Access the power of yoga and meditation for healing and transformation

Learn to skillfully guide a process that brings clients into a state of self-awareness and inner presence, into the well of wisdom inside of themselves. 

Receive for yourself the transformative work of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy as you gain skills you can use right away!

February 24, 25 & March 2
11am-3:30pm each day

Course includes:

  • Immersive webinars
  • Free download of the book Bridge from Body to Soul by Michael Lee
  • Private individualized yoga therapy session (outside of class time)
  • Daily inspiration practice for learning (outside of class time)
  • PRYT Student Community

Who can benefit from Yoga Therapy Essentials? Anyone, really! Especially yoga therapists, yoga teachers, mental health professionals, physical therapists, physicians, nurses, occupational therapist, massage therapists, and others who want to gain greater insight into the mind-body connection.

What People Are Saying:

I AM forever changed by the practice of the Phoenix Rising Method. We practiced the experience of Mind/Body/Spirit connection, cutting through the surface to live more authentically. More importantly, I learned what it truly means to be in present awareness and develop the intuition that is offered through the syncing of body and breath. I was able to grasp what is missing from my current practice and how be able to continue what I’ve learned and share it with others - but this was more about my development than anything else. It’s so easy to get Ah-ha moments and teach revelations but that is very different from embodying what we speak and living the experience through practicing it.

Simi Blair

$375.00 USD